Andrew G. Nelson


Andrew G. Nelson is the best-selling author of Perfect Pawn, Queen's Gambit, Small Town Secrets, Bishop's Gate, Cold Case: The Katherine White Murder, Little Boy Lost, Knight Fall and the upcoming: Brooklyn Bounce. In addition he has written two non-fiction works documenting the insignia of the NYPD's famed Emergency Service Unit. 


Andrew was born and raised in the Queens section of New York City and is a graduate of the State University of New York. In 1985 he was appointed to the New York City Police Department and held the ranks of Police Officer, Detective and Sergeant before his retirement in 2005. During that time he served in a wide variety of positions from patrol to investigations, and was also a member of the elite Intelligence Division, providing protection for numerous dignitaries including Pope Saint John Paul II, President William J. Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He has worked extensively with the United States Secret Service, State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Protection, F.B.I, United States Marshal's Service, and many others. After retiring from the NYPD he went on to serve as the head of the Christian County, Illinois Sheriff's Office Correctional Center. 


Andrew has appeared at numerous venues as a guest speaker, talking about policing issues and the aftermath of the September 11th, terrorist attacks.




Fiction (Chronological Order)

Perfect Pawn - James Maguire Book #1 (2013)
Queen's Gambit - James Maguire Book #2 (2014)
Small Town Secrets - Alex Taylor Book #1 (2014)
Bishop's Gate -  James Maguire Book #3 (2015)
Cold Case - The Katherine White Murder (2015)
Little Boy Lost - Alex Taylor Book #2 (2015)
Knight Fall - James Maguire Book #4 (2016)
Brooklyn Bounce - Alex Taylor Book #3 (2017)
Cold Case - The Rosary Bead Murders (2018)

Uncommon Valor - Insignia of the NYPD ESU (2015)
Uncommon Valor II - Coins of the NYPD ESU (2017)