“Nelson hits it out of the park.”

I have been involved in law enforcement for most of my adult life and became aware of this book through an organization I belong to; and I can definitely tell you I was glad I took the time to listen. I found the characters nicely developed, the use of the writer's experience and knowledge appropriate, the plot interesting and all combined to make a thoroughly enjoyable story that makes me look forward to the next in the Maguire series. You won't go wrong with this book. — D.R.

“Awesome Book!”

This was a book that I had a very hard time putting down. Loved the fact that it had romance, action, and suspense. I felt like I got a peek into the lives of the NYPD and the Secret Service. — J.M.

FIVE STARS - This is an author to watch. Look out Patterson! I instantly fell in love with the protagonist. Nelson does a great job of developing this tough but lovable female cop. The pace is intense and the narration spot on. — M.B.


“Pawn Takes Queen?”

An intense action driven novel with enough twists and turns through it to keep the reader very alert and attached.... Nelson has crafted a mystery thriller that has left me asking when the next one in this series will be out. Without a doubt a solid 5 stars out of 5. — J.M.

“Perfect Pawn!”

Great story and the author leaves you wanting more. James Maguire the next Jack Reacher. — A.P.


“A Must Read.”

Great book, smooth read. Keeps your interest enough detail to keep you interested but not bored writer obviously knows subject. — J.F.

“Highly Addictive”

A fabulous read. I loved how this series will stand on its own but has incorporated the character James Maguire from his other series. This thriller, murder mystery has so many fascinating twists that will have you hooked till the end. — J.

WHERE WAS GOD? - Early in my journey with God I read ‘The Case for Christ’ [Strobel] and I was disappointed. It was not persuasive and frankly left more food for the cynic in me. Your book felt like a real case for Christ, as if a seasoned trial lawyer was putting on a case. - D.A.