While each of my books are written as a stand-alone, they all include some elements of continuing sub-plots and new character introduction. As a result, in order to get the most out of your reading experience, I suggest that you read them in the correct chronological order. Amazon links are provided to help with your selection. 

  1. PERFECT PAWN (Book 1 - James Maguire Series)

  2. QUEEN’S GAMBIT (Book 2 - James Maguire Series)

  3. SMALL TOWN SECRETS (Book 1 - Alex Taylor Series)

  4. BISHOP’S GATE (Book 3 - James Maguire Series)

  5. COLD CASE: KATHERINE WHITE MURDER (Novella - Det. Angelo Antonucci Series)

  6. LITTLE BOY LOST (Book 2- Alex Taylor Series)

  7. KNIGHT FALL (Book 4 - James Maguire Series)

  8. BROOKLYN BOUNCE (Book 3 - Alex Taylor Series)

  9. COLD CASE: ROSARY BEAD MURDERS (Novella - Det. Angelo Antonucci Series)