Newsletter - February 2019

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Greetings & Salutations!!!

I’m sure this newsletter will come as a shock to some of you, but hopefully it is a welcome one.

It’s been a couple of months since the last newsletter and I wish I had a better reason for the delay, but unfortunately I don’t. The truth is that I might have been a bit too optimistic in my belief that I would bounce back quicker from my surgery. That being said, I am doing fine, but the entirety of the whole process has been a journey for me.

One of the minor setbacks I experienced was the emotional one, following the anniversary of the terror attacks of September 11th. Sometimes it is hard to convey to people how this community has been abandoned by many in politics. A great many first responders and victims continue to deal with the long term health conditions resulting from their exposure to the toxins at Ground Zero, yet the very same politicians who swear to #NEVERFORGET every September, turn a blind eye to us beginning on September 12th. If you missed it, I wrote about it on my blog: September 11th – Yes They Have Forgotten

One thing I am very As for me I am happy to report that I am recuperating nicely from my surgery at the end of June.  I’ve been asked if I am angry at my diagnosis, but the reality is that I am not. That doesn’t mean that I am happy about it, nor does it mean that I wouldn’t have been glad to have not gotten the diagnosis, but there is a peace that comes from accepting that it happened for a reason. It gave me the ability to draw from a unique perspective, as I worked on my book:

WHERE WAS GOD? – I am very proud to announce that we were able to send a check to the Salvation Army for $100.00. This represents the first quarter royalties from the sales of Where Was God? An NYPD First Responder’s Search for Answers Following the Terror Attack of September 11th, 2001.

One of the nicest reviews I have received on this book comes from a reader who emailed me and said: “Early in my journey with God I read ‘The Case for Christ’ [Strobel] and I was disappointed. It was not persuasive and frankly left more food for the cynic in me. Your book felt like a real case for Christ, as if a seasoned trial lawyer was putting on a case.”

JAMES MAGUIRE SERIES – The fifth book in this series has been [slowly] moving along. I’d had high hopes that I would be able to get the book completed for a fall / winter release, but as I previously mentioned my mind wasn’t there in time. One of the hardest things for a writer, and I am sure for readers, is dealing with the fact that you can’t force things. I guess I could, but none of us would be happy with the results. That being said, in the last several weeks I have been able to make considerable progress and I just completed Chapter 24.

INTERVIEW: I had a chance to sit down with Chip Peterson over at INFOWIND. We had a nice chat about my writing, my career with the NYPD and a few other things, including September 11th. I have a link to it on my page (click here: INFOWIND INTERVIEW) and I would be grateful if you gave it a thumbs up on the YouTube page.

GEAR – After much consideration, we decided to add some swag items to our website. At the present moment we have introduced two embroidered patches. These come with a regular backing, as well as a Velcro backing if you want to add them to hats, bags, etc… We have also added a book plate for those who want their copies autographed.

ORDER OF BOOKS – I would like to take this opportunity to let subscribers to the Newsletter know that, if you are new to reading my novels, they all feature a stand-alone plot, but they also include inter-connecting sub-plots. If you are looking to get the most out of the series then I highly recommend that you read them in order, beginning with Perfect Pawn.

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