Where Was God ?

It is a question that gets posed whenever there is a tragedy and one that I was asked a number of times since the terror attack of September 11th, 2001. Some have asked it in earnest, while others have asked it derisively, but regardless of the intent it deserves to be answered.

As a first responder, it was a question that I personally wrestled with in the aftermath of that horrific day. I mean, if God really loves us, than how could He have allowed something so horrific to have happened?

I decided to use my experience, as a former NYPD detective, and examine this question.  What started out as a search to find an answer, as to where God was on 9/11, soon turned into an investigation as to whether there was even a God to blame.

100% of the royalties, from the sale of this book, are being donated to charity. 


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