Book Release: Where Was God?

I just wanted to let everyone know that my latest book, Where Was God? An NYPD first responder's search for answers following the terror attack of September 11th 2001, is now available in both e-book and print through Amazon.

Have you ever struggled with the question of where God is during difficult or tragic times? I know I have and this was especially true for me, both during my career in law enforcement, as well as in the aftermath of the September 11th terror attacks. I set out to explore this question, but it ultimately developed into an investigation to discover the actual existence of God.

When you pick-up your copy you will be supporting two very worthwhile causes. 100% of the royalties are being donated to the Salvation Army and the Fealgood Foundation. Beyond the purchase of the book, please consider donating to these amazing groups that do so much work for others.