Bragging Rights

The other day I received an email from fellow author, John B. Jamison, (That’s his book: Disruption on the middle shelf) who snapped this photo over at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Springfield, Illinois. So I thought I would share it with all of you.

There is a tremendous amount of pride I feel when I see my books on a shelf. It brings me back to my younger days, when I would regularly visit local book shops in and around Richmond Hill, N.Y. to find the latest novels that would whisk me away to new worlds. Now I get to stand back and appreciate the fact that I am the story teller and my books are the literary vehicles that someone else will use to visit new worlds. It’s an awesome feeling, but very humbling at the same time.

My word of advice: Chase your passions – Create your legacy !!

If you happen to be in the Springfield, Illinois area, you can always stop by and pick up a copy. I took the liberty to sign a few bookies during my last visit.

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Book-Signing: Barnes & Noble, Springfield, Illinois

Had a wonderful time at the book signing this past Saturday at @BNSpfld - While the walk-in crowd was a bit low, due to other events happening in Springfield, Amanda and the staff put together a great selection of authors and I commend their efforts. I enjoyed meeting several new readers who picked up my books and I hope they come back for more.

In all there were twenty-five area authors spanning both fiction and non-fiction, including self-help, sci-fi, mystery, YA, and so much more.  

Looking forward to the next one and will be sure to give followers of this site advance notice so you can make plans to attend.

Book Signing Event – Barnes & Noble (Springfield, Illinois)

Hey folks, just a reminder that I will be taking part in a book-signing event at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Springfield, Illinois on Saturday, May 19th from 1pm to 3pm.

I’ve attended several of these events and I can tell you that the staff there does an incredible job in securing authors across a wide range of genres. If you are going to be in the area why not stop by and show your support. I’ll have several of my books on hand, which can all be signed. I’d ask that you share this information with any family or friends that enjoy reading.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and don’t forget to sign-up for my free NEWSLETTER.


Booksigning - Barnes & Noble Springfield, Il 05/19/18

Hey folks, the kind folks over at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Springfield, Illinois have invited me back for their Spring book signing event. It will be held on Saturday, May 19th, 2018, and and I will be there from 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

If you are going to be in the area, why not stop by @BNSSpringfieldIL and say hello. This is a great opportunity to show support for your local authors. Also, if you know of any avid readers, especially in the mystery genre, please share this post.

Thanks for your continued support.


Barnes & Noble Book Signing

Had another wonderful time this past Saturday at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Springfield, Il. Amanda and the rest of the staff at @BNSSpringfieldIL do a fantastic job and I cannot say enough nice things about them. 

In addition to meeting some incredible readers, and signing a bunch of books, I had the pleasure of talking to several of my fellow authors, including John B. Jamison, author of Disruption, and Chantelle Renee, author of Aligning with the Divine. 

I always enjoy these events, because it gives me the opportunity to speak to both existing fans of my books, as well as new readers. Without readers, authors would create new worlds without any purpose, so I am always grateful for the opportunity to connect with them.

That being said, there is no better feeling then when you walk down the aisles of a book store and spot one of your books up on the shelf. I'm currently sharing a home there with famed Norwegian crime novelist, Jo Nesbo. I hope he is as excited to be seen with me as I am. 

By the way, if you missed out on the event, you can still pick up a signed copy. Just head on over to the Barnes and Noble store where you will find several signed editions up on the shelf.